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Fennosys Oy
Veneenrakentajankuja 1, 10210 Inkoo, Finland


新北市淡水區蕃薯里 水碓25巷22號1樓

Fennosys Ltd.
Shuidui, xiang 25, nr. 22, 1F
Tamsui District, Fan shu li
New Taipei City 25141
Taiwan (R.O.C)


+886 9 84286020



Services - Client 1st Email Service is our new security and reliability focused email service:

  • Webmail interface:
    • Strong encryption and digital signature support (PGP)
    • Email
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
  • AcriveSync over https for syncing native clients (email, contacts, calendar)
    • Works for example with Apple iOS and most Android devices
  • IMAP over TLS, connectivity for external email clients like:
    • Apple mail
    • Thunderbird
    • Sylpheed
  • Service implementation with focus on reliability and security:
    • Redundant design
    • Encrypted data storage
    • Protected infrastructure

Homepage hosting

Currently we support modx based dynamic sites and static sites.

.fi Domain Distributor

Fennosys Oy is a registered .fi domain distributor.

Client Side Computing

Fennosys Oy has experience on light weight Linux (c1/Gentoo) based client side solutions.

Typical system consists of two interconnected server nodes and a console system (for local administration and local system activation).

  • High Availability Firewall
    • VLAN segments as needed
  • Local network shares (Samba + LDAP)
  • Management node (Linux / Remote desktop)
  • Backup system (Bacula)
  • WireGuard based management VPN

Some optional functions:

  • VPN Access
  • NextCloud
  • Virtual Windows 10 workstations
  • Remote Desktop environment
  • ERP
  • Database serves
Maintenance is offered as service.